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About Us

Welcome to a High Voltage site!

At High Voltage, we strive to provide sites that matter to you.  We build niche specific sites to provide a community and resource for like minded people.  We hand pick articles from across the web and manually post them here so you don’t have to search several sites to find things that matter to you.

Somethings that set us apart from other (ah hem) ‘sites.’

  1. We do not scrape articles, everything is curated by hand
  2. We promote a REAL Facebook page with REAL followers for each of our sites because we’re trying to create a community you’ll enjoy to be a part of
  3. We have a real address because we are a real company:

Suite 20900,

26 Christensen Rd

Stapylton QLD 4207


Here’s a picture of the team:

hv team

You can email us at: admin@hvseo.co and we’ll respond….really!